"Painted Creatures of Doubtful Sex"


Setting Off  Weasel!  The Fogg Household  Chibi Rude  Master of Puppets  Astronomy Tower  Fecundity of Dragon's Teeth  Call Boy  My Beloved Monster  My Baby Shot Me Down  Amor Crudelis 

Original Art

Design: Female War Mage  What a Pretty Bird am I!  Malefactor  Clodia Doll  Pretty Dead Girl  Noli Me Tangere, For Caesar's I Am  Columbine Backstage  Nightmare Things  Stitch Artist  Gunsmoke  Met By Moonlight  At Your Service  Design: Clockwork Prosthetic  Gallery Doll  Self Portait As Irkan  Chained Doll  Clockwork Punk!  Silver Tongued Devil  What Fine Red Dancing Shoes