Pastiches, as far as the eye can see.

Drabbles (100 Words Exactly)

   A True Gentleman...Around the World in Eighty Days, Phileas/Aouda. Rated G. In which it is shown that Phileas Fogg is a gentleman in all respects
   Curtain Call...Final Fantasy VI. Rated G. Setzer loves an entrance.
   Power...The Nutcracker. Rated PG. Young Drosselmeyer learns what real power is.
   Day's End...The Man Who Was Thursday. Rated G. Inspector Syme steps into the light.
   Pantomime Queen...The Prisoner of Zenda. Rated G. Princess Flavia almost tells the truth.
   Iacta Est...Ancient Rome. Rated G. Antony curses his foolishness.
   Rex Mundi...Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell/Ancient Rome. Rated PG. The fairies promised Caesar that he would rule the world, but everyone knows how fairies bargain.
   Awkward Silence...Ancient Rome, Vergil/Horace. Rated PG13. Well, you can't learn everything from books of poetry.
   Old Roman Virtues...Ancient Rome. Rated PG. It's the dawning of a new era, and everyone wants to return to an age of splendor and plenty.

Ancient Rome

   Ave Atque Vale...Catullus/Iuventius. Rated PG13. Catullus's latest love isn't quite the respite that he wanted. WiP.
   Part One: Salax Taberna...Catullus is in love again, and everyone knows it.
   Part Two: Mellitus Iuventius...A few moments alone between poet and protege.
   Musa Procax...Vergil/Horace. Rated PG13. Written for Gilly, on the occasion of Saturnalia. In which the Muses are fickle, a great commission is taken, and several arguments are started but not finished.
   Beatus Ille...Vergil/Horace. Rated PG13. Another Saturnalia fic, this time an experiment in dialogue-only for Firebreeze. "Blessed is he," Horace wrote, "who far from being busy/tends his fields like the ancestral race of men." Or at least, that's what the moneylenders say.
   Orpheus in Silvis...Vergil/Maecenas. Rated PG. A shy poet, a noble patron, and a curious discussion over dinner.

Final Fantasy VI

   Events on the Night of the King’s Birthday, As Witnessed By Thaddeus Marze, Secretary and Record-Keeper of Figaro Castle...Locke/Edgar. Rated PG. A slashfic written from the point of view of an uninvolved third party. Um, it seemed like a good idea at the time. A court scholar can't help but eavesdrop when the King of Figaro meets with his rebel informant. Locke's dialogue came out peppered with Victorian thieves' cant -- I think it might be the steampunk tone of the game.
   Ghosts...Locke/Rachel. Rated PG. Locke thinks, sometimes, that he might be mad.

Around the World in Eighty Days

   According to Schedule...Rated PG. I am really a loss to explain this one, except to say that it's definately the result of the DesperateFans pairing generator popping up Eris/Aouda. The Goddess of Dischord plays favorites, and what comes of it.

Princess Tutu

   Magnum Opus...Rated R (for gore and gruesomeness). The bloody circumstances of Drosselmeyer's last fairy tale, and how he proved that the pen is mightier than the axe. WARNING: Massive spoilers for the second season.

Basil of Baker Street/Sherlock Holmes

   Plans of Mice and Men...Rated G. Sherlock and Watson, without knowing it, are great friends to mice.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

   Reason...Rated G. Jean might be a scientist, but he is still a little boy at heart.

Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman

   Don't Tell...Rated G. Set during the main characters' school days. Raffles' secrets are Bunny's secrets too.
   Veritas...Rated G. In vino, veritas. After a particularly unsuccessful job, Raffles makes certain inquiries. Set directly after the second story, "A Costume Piece". Oh, and it's Raffles' POV. Yes, I realize this is backwards from the book.
   According to Plan...Rated PG13. Raffles/Bunny. A moment on the roof is rudely interrupted, but Raffles is not so easily dissuaded from his purpose. Bunny's POV, set directly after the events of "To Catch a Thief" in book 3.

General History

   Court Alchemist...Rated G. Frederick Bottger is twenty-one years old, an accomplished alchemist, and a prisoner in the dungeons of Prussia who will not go free until he turns lead into gold. This is a true story, and Frederick Bottger eventually developed porcelin in his dungeon laboratory by sheer accident. Read The Arcanum for a fun history of this matter. I think this might be one of the most obscure fanfics on the internet. Honestly.
   The Confession of Dr. Robert Knox, Anatomist...rated PG. "Burke's the butcher/Hare's the theif/Knox, the boy who buys the beef." The crowd called him an accessory to murder. Were they right? Based on my favorite murder case from the Regency era.

Invader Zim

   Significant Other...Rated G. A silly little thing I wrote a long time ago. Zim derails Dib's life in ways he never thought possible when Dib's girlfriend asks the million-dollar question: "Is there someone else?"