Aut insanit femina aut versus facit.


   The Vienna Clockmaker's Song...In Vienna, they built the world's first clocktower. What a marvel that must have been.
   Puss in Boots at Court...what's the life of a pet if you've been the master?
   Daydream...Actually, I'm not sure what this one is all about.


   Resurrection...In the Regency era, there was a most peculiar sort of crime wave. A shortage of legal bodies for dissection lead to an underground trade in corpses robbed from their graves. These grave robbers were called "resurrectionists" or "resurrection-men", and this is a song about them.
   The Clockmaker's Daughter...True love goes "tick-tock".

   To Jules Verne...A bit of praise for the man who invented the future.
   The Triumph of Ludwig II...The Swan King is dead. Long live the Swan King.

Dramatic Monologues

   Lohengrin at Linderhof...Ludwig II, mad king of Bayern, in his own words. As my creative writing teacher said, "Why do you keep writing poems about Ludwig II?"
   Red as Blood, White as Snow...An evil stepmother gives in to murderous urges. On the Brothers Grimm's "The Juniper-Tree".


   The Last Song of Orpheus...This is very old. It was published in my high school literary magazine, next to a wonderful photograph of a dissected human head. We got in trouble for printing that, but it was worth it.