Original Fiction

    Brainspew with a bit of plot.

Long Stories

   Ex Nihil...Rated PG13 (eventually). Inspired, I suppose, by a dream I had where I was a schoolboy in the late 1800s. Timothy Knightbridge, a new student at the Nocturne Academy for the Shadow Arts, finds himself drawn into the insular power struggles of a school that has forgotten the outside world. And when children play with forces beyond their understanding, schoolboy quarrels can be a very dangerous thing indeed.
   Part One: Adventus...In which Timothy makes a friend.
   Part Two: Nox...In which Theo teaches Timothy a few lessons about life at Nocturne Academy.
   Part Three: Clamor...In which Timothy sees more of the students.
   Part Four: Schola...In which Timothy attends his classes.

   Kleptomancy...(outside link) A collaboration between myself and Strathmore V. In 1835, an artless theif named Nicholas Sterling is let out of prison on one condition — that he catch his former partner, the worldly gentleman-thief Alexander Heist. However, there is more to this game of cat-and-mouse than meets the eye.


   Skeptical...Rated G. Written for class. A story about a boy who knows that the truth is out there, but sort of wishes it wasn't.
   Vermin Prayer...Rated G. A short prayer for the forgotten gods. Written for a beloved D&D; character (a horribly disfigured Gnome urban druid) who unfortunately did not last past level four. RIP, Rel.