About This Site

   This site should work in virtually any browser, although my viewing options are limited right now so I make no promises. It is written in straight HTML and CSS, with an iframe. Generally I don't like iframes, but I will make an exception.
   The graphics were pieced together in Photoshop, and the site was assembled in Dreamweaver. The images used were all internet finds, and the typeface is Courier New with Zapfino for the menu and Bodini Ornaments for the bullet image.
   The quote on the front page, as well as the title, come from The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton. Excellent book, especially if you like surreal Victorian allegorical thrillers. Which I fancy I do.
   The title of the site comes from a speech by Cicero, in which he refers to Roman matron Clodia as a 'Clytemnestra-for-a-quadrans' (quadrantia Clytemnestra) — or, a two-penny Clytemnestra.

Previous Layouts

   Chez Pierrot, Version One: Harlequin Errans...when I was just learning code, I thought that a textured black background with green links and purple text would be a smashing idea. I'm not going to show you a picture of version one. There was a T.S. Eliot quote on the front, and the title means "Wandering Harlequin". I was very much an idiot in high school, in a number of ways.

   Chez Pierrot, Version Two: The Gilded Cage...Slightly more attractive, but still extraordinarily purple. This one had some unfortunate JavaScript on the front page, though.

   Clockwork Harlequin, Version Three: Two-Penny Clytemnestra...I don't know why this got called "Two-Penny Clytemnestra" and not, say, Doll's House or something. Anyway, this was a poorly designed version in all respects. Here is another view and another view.

   Two-Penny Clytemnestra, Version Four: Probably Magic...Now we're getting somewhere! I love this layout, and it took forever for me to work up the moxie to change it. I figured it was time for a switch...but I'm keeping it around, just in case. Here's another view, and another.